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@TheEndOfMoney interview: Ryan Zhou about Bitcoinica, CoinJar, Ethereum Zhou Tonged - Don't Get Zhou Tonged!!! (Sister Nancy - Bam Bam) LET BET LÀ GÌ? - ĐÁNH GIÁ DỰ ÁN ICO LET BET  ĐẦU TƯ BITCOIN 2018 Are We Experiencing a Black Swan Event? - Robert Kiyosaki ... IEEE ICC 2018 // Keynote: YongXing Zhou, Bring 5g Into Reality

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@TheEndOfMoney interview: Ryan Zhou about Bitcoinica, CoinJar, Ethereum

Deuxième épisode du Shitcoin Show, aujourd'hui on parle du Bitcoin Cash. Épisode qui sera certainement le plus dislike par les petits bras qui soutiennent le Bcash. ----- LIENS UTILES : Binance ... What make them a talk about me Bitcoin position (huh?) ... Bam! (Zhou Tong man) Now You got No funds (No funds) Cuz you got Zhou Tonged!!! Verse 2: This Move puts me in position So put 5k get 10k ... Mọi người thông cảm giúp ở những đoạn bị tắt tiếng là do nhạc nền đoạn đó chứa nhạc có bản quyền nha😊 Phụ đề tiếng Việt được thực hiện ... YONGXING ZHOU Vice President and Head of MIMO and Spectrum Research Competency Center, Huawei Wireless Radio Access Technology Department Abstract: On top of provision of much improved mobile ... If you’ve been following your financial advisor’s advice of “invest for the long term” for the last several years you’ve been living fat, dumb and happy...un...